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Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
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 Wednesday, March 03 2021 @ 01:08 AM EST

LSPR Press Release

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Current NewsThe Lake Superior Region Car Club would like to announce the 18th running of the Lake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR) based in Houghton, Michigan again this year. The LSPR is known as the Oldest, Toughest and Meanest Off-Road event in the country and is sanctioned by Rally Car/Rally-America in Golden Valley, MN.

The Lake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR) will be one event over two days. With a Coef.3 Friday and a Coef. 2 Saturday for Rally America seeding only. New this year with be the inception of Super Rally Rules. If you DNF the first night you can come back the next day with applied penalty road points.
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July Update

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Current NewsAs of this writing the Slowpokes event is finished and the next event on the calendar is the SHO Club on the 18th.

It looks at this time like Joleen is returning for the Cup weekend at the end of the month. This should be an interesting event as Joleen has not been to the track as race control in many years. There is some talk about doing the food thing as in the past, but I think that those discussions will 'ramp up' as the event gets closer. I'd love to have another sample of some of that cooking.

Well stay safe and see you at the track.
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June News

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Current NewsWith May almost at an end, it's time to think about June. BMW weekend is at the end of this week (as of this writing) and we have full staff for the event. Slowpokes is also coming up and that will round out the month for RLR.
we are currently planning on being at Slowpokes in July and have the SHO club and PCA events as well. Look for e-mails on those dates in a week or so.
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Feb. Update

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Current NewsCouple of quick updates:

The Annual Social went well with a number of guests attending and a few staying the night for breakfast Sunday.

Nord Stern has rehired RLR for the 2012 season and is NOT doing the Spring event this year. Dates are on the calendar.

Reminder that I don't check e-mail daily in the off season, Your best option is to call or text me in my cell.

Happy Valentines Day! Next update as needed or in March as required...
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Season Ending Notes

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Current NewsAs of this writing the season has ended and christmas is at the end of the week. With all the holiday plans and stuff I'll keep this short and sweet.

First the annual RLR social will be 1/14/12. Same drill as in past years, Please let me know if you are planning on attending so we can plan for food and beverages. I have LIMITED space this year for those that wish to stay the night (but can make room for 2-3).

LSPR was fun. The new venue at the Monte Carlo is worth the trip and a great deal of fun. Just ask those folks that went exploring Thursday and Saturday nights. For reference I have reserved BOTH cabins for the event next year. Please make note of the date as it is LATER than normal October 26-27. I'll put the deposit down in January. There is room for 6-8 in EACH cabin and the cost is about $90/night total. I'll be happy to turn that reservation over to anyone that wants to fill the second cabin.

I did not make the Chili-off as Texarkana is a little far to commute and then there is that trruck parking thing....

As for MN Rallys, the Headwaters, Nemadji and Ojib committees have combined to from a MN rally group. This is NOT the MN Rally group but ALL MN Rally folks in one committee. As events get closer I'll post details for each event. This is the first time in years that All MN rally folks are back together working for the advancement of Rally in this state. With luck and a better economy let's hope we can see some cars sign up for these events.

Have a happy holiday and see you in 2012!
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Quattro Closes Road Course Season For Red Light

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Current NewsWith LSPR next week (10/15-16) The Quattro Club Closed the road course season for Red Light This weekend. The Club tried something new and held an on-track BBQ after the days activities on Saturday. From all indications it went well. Anne and Tracy provided cooking assistance for the club. Both did a fine job.

As for the club event, Saturday provided the most fun with a car fire at 2 and a car stalled drivers left at the top of one. Both incidents were cleared with the track remaining hot. The car fire was a small engine compartment isolated incident and the car was towed off at 3. The stall died on the straight and came to a stop drivers left between first and second return roads.

As of this writing there is still an afternoon left but everyone seems to be playing nice so with any luck it will be a quiet afternoon. (editors note: it was...)
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Ojibwe Update

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Current NewsIt is with regret that I have to inform you that the 2011 Ojbwe Forest Rally has been cancelled. As of the entry deadline there were only 9 cars entered and 3 of those had paid. There was also only 28 workers registered.

In the past this event has drawn 30+ cars. The loss of national status obviously plays a part in the lack of participation, but the economy must also be factored into these numbers.

As of this writing the fate of the 2012 event is that we are going to try again next year. I will be reserving a room for that event as if I was standing at the counter checking out at the end of the week, next week.

I hope that you are making plans for LSPR as that event is still on the calendar. For those planning on going both Kelly and I have reserved small homes a block away from the Uphill. We both have room for up to 8 persons comfortably. The cost is less than $100/day for the whole place so those of you on a budget this might be a better option that the local hotels. We also have kitchens for cooking and can party much later into the evenign after the local options close. Look for more details on that event in e-mails next month....

Be safe in the meantime.....
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PCA Weekend News

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Current NewsThe PCA just finished their track weekend. For the most part it was an active weekend with a number of tows and some very fine racing action. The major incidents for the weekend included a car into the wall lightly at 10 and another car into the swamp at 8. The swamp seems to be a popular place this year with cars into there at 2 of the 3 events so far.

August will be a light month again as BIR has the Northstar Nationals up next. Then there is the Ojibwe Forests rally at the end of the month in Bemidji. Things ramp up again in September with PCA and then Quattro in October. LSPR will again round out the race season for RLR.

As of today (7/31) I am still looking for help at Ojib. Let me know If you are planning on working the event....Thanks and Play safe....
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May Update

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Current NewsWell the events for May for RLR are finished at the track. The BMW event went out with a bang as on Sunday (the best day of the three day weekend) as late in the day we had an M3 take the wall at the entrance to 8. The call came in as a mayday because of the force of the impact and the driver was sent to the hospital on a condition 2 status. If you don't know what that means ask one of the rescue staff in person. The force of the impact moved the wall about a foot and a half. That ended the day for the club as it was about that time anyway. Rescue 1 stayed behind after the event and was able to assist with getting all the vehicles home after the driver returned from the hospital. The Driver was in good spirits when he returned so things worked out for him.

Earlier in the weekend the photographer for the club also stranded his M3 in the soft stuff out by 8. Not wanting to miss this photo Op, rescue did what we do best and strapped the M3 to a Smart Car and got a few photos before strapping it to the Explorer and really getting it out. The Photographer took it on stride and got a few photos of his own.

Also on Sunday we got the opportunity to go wading as another car found its way into the pond drivers left at 8. The water was about 1" from the door sills and about the same distance from the top of my fire boots. I have video of the pull out, but with my new camera the size is such that I cannot get the pictures onto the website.

Slowpokes provided both Jim and I with some activity as well. Jim got the first flat tow of the day and I got the second. Jim's tow was a transmission that would not come out of gear and mine was a dead fuel pump. Both were delivered safely back and the day ended without much more of note.

I'll be back in the truck starting this weekend so if I don't reply right away it's because it got too late and I'll get back inside the next day. Play safe and see you in June.
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News from NS and RA

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Current NewsWell it's almost spring, but from the temps over the weekend you wouldn't have guessed that. From the Nord Stern event, the weekend consisted of a number of flat tows and REALLY wet weather to go with the cold. Friday was mostly cold only, but by the end of the night the rain had moved in so Saturday started on the short track in the rain. The rain held on for most of the morning with the afternoon clearing up from the rain but not the clouds. Thus with no real sun to speak of, it stayed pretty cold and damp. Overnight the temps REALLY dropped and there was snow on the ground in the grass and on the cars at the start of the day. Another day on the short track and an early finish still made the day enjoyable for all. From a humor standpoint, Rescue One even had to pull out the shrink wrap to help 4. The west wind was coming right at him in the station so we wrapped the west wall of the station to provide a wind break for the worker (Mike B) It cut down on the wind about 80% so Mike was grateful. But still was a drive by shrink wrapping.

On to other news....
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