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Red Light Rescue
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Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
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 Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 09:33 PM EDT

Pre-Season Meeting

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Current NewsWow, how fast a winter can go...It's already time to get thinking about next season.

The annual pre-season meeting for the Red Light group was held on Saturday (3/25) With good attendance, we covered the items on the agenda and watched a few crash videos. Minutes for the meeting are part of this article. For those not present there will be little change from last year. We are looking to expand on our "durable goods" supply and should know better about that in a few weeks. RLR is investigating the manufacture of 12 set of flags and will be purchasing some Sterile wash and a "hats off" device for events.

Many thanks to all attending. I'll adjust next years start time to accomidate this years schedules.... ;-)

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Pine Run Update (3/7/6)

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Current News©Isanti County News
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Posted: 3/6/06
Motorsports park sought in North Branch Township

John Hirsch
By Jon Tatting
Jed Copham is looking to offer some safe entertainment for car, go-cart and motorcycle enthusiasts as he and his Forest Lake-based firm are preparing to propose an amateur and competitive motor sports facility in North Branch Township.

Copham, CEO, and Scott Quick, vice president/general manager, of JD Investments went public for the first time March 2 when they presented the plan before the North Branch Town Board and township residents — including landowner Glenn Johnson whose selling 752 acres to Copham for the project, proposed between Zodiac and Potomac streets — just to the south and in eyeshot of County Road 5.

[editors note: GPS CO-Ords: N45 29.738 W93 5.647]
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Sad news to report

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Current NewsBrian Peterson, A long time member of Red Light informed me this morning that his father had passed away last evening (2/11). Brian tells me that his father had battled a number iof issues over the past few years and that his father was in his 70's, but the death was still unexpected.

Red Light will be sending flowers, but those of you wishing to offer condolences personally can reach Brian at
brpeter *
(replace the ' * ' with an @ in the address. It's posted incorrectly on the site to prevent him getting spammed from the programs that search out email addresses on websites.)

Further details will be made available as they become known.

Our condolences on your loss Brian, our prayers are with you.

Paul Ahles
Chief, Red Light Rescue
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Monster Garage does IIRA @ Garrison

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Current NewsMonster Garage brought the show to Garrison, MN for a IIRA event sponsored by the TCIRA. The Winter Carnival event was the inaugural event for the latest creation from Monster Garage. The 'Monster' Ice Cream Truck came complete with a 600hp 455 and the coolers needed to serve the best ice cream around; Cold Stone. Red Light Rescue was there to assist with the filming and as part of the crew for Original Productions, Inc.

That brings to 5 the number of RLR folks that have moved onto other larger venues based partially on training and experience thru RLR. Scott is at Phoenix International, Jerry has NHRA, Laurie just got asked to work Texas International and Paul and Brian just handled a production company. Not bad for the little company that could.
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Just when you thought that you had heard everything.....

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Current NewsFormer EMT guilty in defibrillator prank death

*Associated Press*
Last update: January 24, 2006 - 12:51 PM

LEBANON, Va. -- A judge convicted a former rescue squad worker of involuntary manslaughter for zapping a co-worker with defibrillator paddles in what turned out to be a deadly prank.

Joshua Philip Martin, 25, faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in March. Circuit Court Judge Michael Lee Moore, who found him guilty after Martin entered a no contest plea, said Monday he likely will order prison time.

Martin had been on the job four days when he carried out the deadly prank on June 1.

Courtney Hilton Rhoton told Martin not to touch her with the paddles, but moments later, he placed the device on her chest and shoulder and activated it, prosecutors said. The 23-year-old mother of two small children went into cardiac arrest. Her body first stiffened and then went limp. Rhoton, who had been an emergency medical technician for one year, never regained consciousness and died three days later.

Martin was not yet qualified to use the defibrillator, which is used to restart a patient's heart with an electric current. Martin's mother, Diane White, said he meant no harm and "just made a mistake." Rhoton's sister, Chanda Lawson, said, "They're crying because he's going to jail, but my sister's not coming back."
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Annual Bash

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Current NewsThe annual RLR party was the 7th of Jan. This will be a combined event with the Mid Winter Bash 10. There was a live band and pig roast and campfire. Recap is in the comments section of this article. Please take a minute and vote in the poll about the event. (left column of this site) Thanks.

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Website updates 2/19

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Current NewsJust finished updating to the "latest and greatest" version. I hope that I am doing better with "keeping up" on submissions and the like for the site.

Having been "spammed" last night in the comments section of two stories I have had to further lock down a couple of items. You will now have to "log-in" (left column) before you can post a message or vote. I would prefer that this not be needed, but the last thing I want here is the latest viagra ad in a comment section of a story. You can read away, but to post you'll have to log in.

If you find anything that you want changed or is not working please let me know so I can see if it can be fixed.

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LSPR brings the 2005 season to a close

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Current NewsThe 2005 LSPR trip was one to remember. Between the honeymoon trip by Laurie and Larry, The legendary trips to the Uphill and some really great racing, this was a weekend that will long be talked about in the rally medical circles.
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BMW closes the 'car' season at BIR

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Current NewsThe season for Red Light Rescue drew to an end at BIR last weekend with the BMW club event. Highlights from the weekend were limited but do include a rollover at 7-8 on Saturday. Most of the rest of the weekend was limited to sweeping on a few corners on Saturday and one on Sunday. Despite best efforts on Sunday, 4 rounds of Root Beer in Rocinante and at least 2 broadcast from elsewhere on the track, and crosswords and word puzzles the "magic" seemed to be used up for the season. That's probably a good thing for participants and it made for a nice quiet day to close the season.

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Quattro Sunday provides interesting challenges

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Current NewsSunday started out with a light showing from the usual staff. At 8:00 we had 2 corners and three rescue staff. By 8:30 we were up to the required 6, but the track was scheduled to open at 8:30. Thankfully the Classroom session went long. It was starting to look like it was going to be an interesting day. When we went looking for flags we found that the "usual" sets had been taken for cleaning. So that left us really SHORT for the rest of the corners. We scrounged enough to deal with the situation but the lesson for this weekend is that the "status quo" is not always the status quo. As for Rescue, Jerry turned a hot lap en-route to a car at 9A Drivers right, and the only other problem being a car that stopped in the motorcycle turnout at 9. It was driven to safety once we discovered it had just a flat tire.
A very satisfying weekend with the trip up Saturday night and dinner at Prairie Bay.
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