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Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
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 Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 10:09 PM EDT

Track Addix Report

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Current NewsTrack Addix added a 5th day to the weekend activities by scheduling a track day after the CRA event this weekend. So Rescue One, Brian, and Chris (after his truck was repaired) stopped by to work motorcycles. We had a number of "offs" during the morning with the majority being at 10 or 4. We dispatched the ambulance for one with possible wrist injuries at 3 and during the afternoon session sent one to the hospital with North from 10. Paul and Brian take credit for that one as we opened Root Beer and toasted the quiet afternoon just before that incident. Other than that the day was pretty quiet.
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Ojibwe Report

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Current NewsWith the 21st running of the Ojibwe this weekend, there were a number of interesting activities that went on. While the storms rolled thru the southern part of the state those of us that bailed to the north woods were high and dry. The practice stage was staffed by Paul, Chris, Brian, Gene, Lisa, Nate and Jeremiah and a couple of other marshals. The event went without a hitch. You might want to talk to Gene about his new title...(pictures were taken).

The biggest disappointment was the severe lack of mud. Marilyn remarked on Sunday night that Rescue One was cleaner after this Ojib then it had been before a couple of track days. Other than a sever coating of internal dust, the rig for the most part looked like it had just been washed. Let's hope LSPR gets a little more water than Northern MN.
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Ojibwe Training trip log

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Current NewsThe team of Paul and Kristy headed up to the north woods Thursday and Friday for training sessions at both Walker Ambulance and North Ambulance services. The details follow for this eventful trip.
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BIR Sold!

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Current NewsBrainerd International Raceway sold to Forest Lake family
Associated Press

BRAINERD, Minn. Brainerd International Raceway has
been purchased by a Forest Lake family and the new
owners said Thursday that they plan to continue
Jed and Kristi Copham, operating as BIR Holdings LLC,
purchased the track for an undisclosed amount from
Michigan-based Sports Resorts International Inc. and
are renaming the facility Brainerd International
Raceway and Resort.

Jed Copham, a 33-year-old mechanical engineer with a
passion for cars, said he first talked to the track's
former owners when the 550-acre raceway was listed for
sale more than a year ago.

Copham, who worked with the family printing business
Liberty Enterprises until it was sold in June 2005,
said he has built two cars and has raced at BIR. He
described himself and his family as amateur road
racers and occasional drag racers.

Copham, who was involved in an effort to build a race
track west of Pine City in 2004, called BIR "a
national treasure." He said he plans to make the track
as attractive a destination as possible for anybody
who has a passion for racing.

Copham, who planned to meet with track employees
Friday, said the track is a long-term investment for
the family and they hope to have fun, earn a living
and be part of a racing legacy.

Don Williamson, mayor of Flint, Mich., is Sports
Resorts International chief executive officer. He said
in a news release that as mayor and with his wife,
Patsy Lou, running for state Senate in Michigan, the
couple is focusing their efforts within their local

"We have owned the Brainerd facility since 1994 and
continued to invest each year with numerous capital
improvements," Williamson said. "We feel this has
continued to make BIR a great destination for
thousands of motorsports fans and racers."

In the transaction announced Thursday, Williamson
retains a six-unit condominium on a 6.5-acre parcel
adjacent to the track.

BIR's largest annual event is the National Hot Rod
Associations Lucas Oil Nationals. The event, which is
set Aug. 10-13, is in its 25th year and draws an
estimated 30,000 to 50,000 people.

Copham said he plans to continue the current drag
racing and road course racing programs while searching
for new racing events.

Rod Wolter will continue as BIR general manager.

The raceway, with a number of ownership and management
changes, has been part of the Brainerd Lakes Area
almost continuously since it opened in 1968 as
Donneybrooke Speedway.
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Headwaters Photos

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Current NewsChris has posted his Headwaters photos. Go take a look. If you have photos of the event please add them to the directory. (please note the naming convention) If there are issues adding photos, you can e-mail them (the photos) to me OR call me and I'll see what I have to do to get you so that you can add photos to the gallery yourself.
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Updates 6/14

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Current NewsWow, Time flies when you are busy. I have a lot of things to cover. I'll take them in chronological order (oldest first).

NASA came to play at BIR on Memorial day. The interesting part about this event was that I took station at 3 with Kristy (no not that one, The new one that is a close associate of Brian's and lives in St. Cloud) And quickly thought that I had the good fortune of getting the new crap magnet. Rescue One was the only vehicle to turn a wheel for cars on Saturday.
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Current NewsAlthough this event was a little thin for help, those that did make the event had a great deal of fun. R1 headed off to the Great White North about 9am and stopping at the A&W for lunch then met up with Kim and Jen at the hotel. Having been requested by the Rally master to go run the roads and look for downed trees on Thursday (he REALLY had to twist arms for that...) Paul and Jen headed off for the woods. It was soon readily apparent that Jen was a "keeper" that could navigate. Kudo's to Kim for a great "find". Paul also found that the "fail-safe" on the passenger side was adjusted a little light so instead of looking for the "giggle factor" he opted to look for the "wooh's" and "Ahh's". Having never got giggles he did get a number of Woohs, and panicked Ahhh's from Jen. This yielded the adjusted name of "Screaming Keeper".
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BMW Gets a wet weekend

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Current NewsThe BMW event this last weekend was pretty much eclipsed by the News from the Scholes family. But for the record...

The event was complete with rain for the first day and a half. with rain dissipating (but still overcast at noon Saturday R1 decided for a change of venue with R5. This would later prove to be a point of glee for R5 as a late afternoon a brief heavy downburst provided the needed wetness for a sufficent lack of traction in a porcshe. Three walls later (R-L-R) the car came to rest against the right wall and R5 was first on scene from the base of the tower. R1 provided backup and track clean-up operations from the point of first impact.
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Weekday Update

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Current NewsThis was to be about the Slowpokes event on Monday but because of other news today I'll keep it to a mayday "off" at 9 into the gurad rail (no injuries and minor body damage to the car)

The real news is being relayed as recieved. Scott is a member of Red Light and has worked hard for us in the past. Please put this request at the top of your "to do" list. (Don has also worked with RLR in the past, and a number of us have worked with both Don and Scott at CRA events)

From: Don Anderson <>
Date: May 9, 2006 3:16 PM
Subject: Scottie's son

I just got off the phone with Scottie (Safety 1) and his son Chris might be
on his last days of survival. A few weeks ago Chris came down with a serious
bacteria and spread fast though out his body.

Scottie was driving up here to be here within a few days but Chris took a
turn for the worst and may not be around for the weekend. Scottie was at the
Mexico border when he got a phone call from the hospital saying the he needs
to get up here ASAP. He turned around and started to head back home to grab
a fight to Mpls sometime today.

He wanted to to pass this onto the CRA family and make sure everyone's
thoughts & prayers are for Chris right now.

Please pass this everyone that might know Chris or Scottie.

Chris is at Methodist Hospital (St. Louis Park) in ICU #19.

If you have Scottie's cell phone number you might want to wait a day or so
before you call him, he has been over helmed with calls in the last day or


Don Anderson
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Racing/Towing Story

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Current NewsThis message is intended as an FYI. After reading the story Al found (see below) and his logic I would re-iterate that I not only concur with Al, but will continue to state that vehicle extrication is the second most dangerous job in rally/racing. The first being that of driver/navigator. (even that could be debated as they have more safety gear on)

Item passed on at Al's request and with my concurrance.

Paul Ahles
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