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Red Light Rescue
Red Light Rescue
Providing Motorsports Rapid Response Teams and Event Operations Staff

Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
 Welcome to Red Light Rescue
 Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 10:08 PM EDT

October Events

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Current NewsJust a reminder that the Facebook page and e-mail are getting these first, So the lack of updates here is because of the increased popularity of those venues for messaging.

BIR stuff first

Current staffing for 10/3 (One day)

Ahles, Anderson, Bradford, Olson, Retka, Porter, Robbie, Cupcake One corner spot open

PCA - Anderson, Winger

Currently from what I recall and have on the white board Please send any corrections....

R1 - Ahles-r, K Ahles
R2 - Saba, Koski-r
R3 - West-r, Preble
R4 - Peterson-r, Tom? or Erickson-r?

Please advise if you can make it. Elmer is also looking for a med sweep. He gets copies of this some if interested let me know and I'll pass it along.
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April updates

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Current NewsHere is the latest:

I am opening up signups thru june for RLR events. I'll take names via E-mail and facebook groups.

Quattro, BMW and Headwaters

Short and sweet, See you in a couple of weeks at NS....
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January News

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Current NewsCouple of quick updates:

First I got our OLD phone number back. See Facebook RLRstaff group if you need it or email me. Apparently the new recipient must not have liked all the calls after 30+ years with the same number. It was disconnected so I got it back starting Monday. YEAH!

Second, reminder of the annual social on the 17th. I'd like a head count for planning food and beverages so RSVP if you can. Also if you want to stay the night. for space planning.

Third I'll be dealing with 1099 forms in the next week. If you get one this year you will be e-mailed.
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PCA Schedule

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Current NewsFirst the Annual Social is scheduled for 1/17/15.

PCA Schedule is looking to be:
10/16-18 Not a misprint It's really late this year
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Couple Quick updates

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Current NewsCouple of quick things:

Chili-off was last weekend and was a great success. Everyone liked the venue, we just have to work on the parking issues.

Tentative date for the Annual RLR Social is 1/18/15

I have moved all of the photo galleries to FB. The public consumption ones are in Red Light and the not for public ones are in the RLR staff group. I would request that if you view the RLR Staff ones that you do not repost ANY of those. They were in a less secure location before but at that time it was not as easy to move them to a public place like it is now. Please respect that or I will remove you from the private group.

Thank you all and have a safe holiday.
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Season Closes

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Current NewsJust a quick update today..
LSPR is in the books and that will close the 2014 season for Red Light. The only thing to speak about for that event was the issue with one of the medical vehicles. Facebook has the details.

Speaking of Facebook: Items of note for those that follow the website here, There are currently two groups on Facebook for Red Light. Red Light Rescue and RLRStaff. The first is a public group and the searchable and findable but you have to be listed as a member to post there It is for PUBLIC consumption so keep any postings there to stuff that can be said publicly. The second group is a Facebook "secret" group. That means that you cannot search or find it unless you are a member of the group. This group is for those of us that are staff and workers and info posted there is not for public consumption. To be a member you will first have to "friend" me on Facebook as I can only add friends to the group as I have to search you from that same list. Over the next few months I'll be moving the photo galleries from here to Facebook. Those that can be made public will be posted to the RLR group and those that cannot will be moved to the staff group. The issue here is that the gallery software is out of date with the PHP software and no longer compatible.

I'll be posting any of these blogs to there as well os if you don't Facebook I'll write and post them here at and then copy them to the Red Light group.

I'd ask that if you post a group of photos that you create a directory (after checking if there is not one already) with the name starting YYMM and following with the event name, and post them there. Example: 1408Ojib, or 1407PCACup. This will help to identify when and where you took the pictures.

Lastly: The Chili Cook-off is planned for November and tentative date is the weekend of the 15-16. NOT OFFICIAL YET. Keep that weekend open if you are interested. Second it's looking like the RLR Social will be the middle of January this year. As soon as I know two schedules I'll pick the date. but I'm looking to that 3rd weekend right now.

That's all that fit to print today. Enjoy the upcoming holidays. Stay safe.
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PCA Cup Race

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Current NewsWhat a weekend! WOW is about the best word... followed closely by whew [forhead wipe].

Friday started with a number of flat tows and then a Mayday into the wall at Johnson Road. Driver was fine but the car needed to be tilted off. Later Friday we get a call for a car fire at 4. The "CarBQ" there caused a red flag and took Brandon, myself and Jim to get out. There were a couple of times that both Brandon and I thought the BIR truck would have to deal with it, but our teams perseverance prevailed and it was out before the BIR truck got to the incident. We still used the rig for overhaul before tilting that car off. Many thanks to Dan at BIR for his help.

Saturday didn't really lighten up at all. we had numerous flat tows over the course of the day. About mid afternoon during the 10 lap sprint race we had two cars get together at 7 and end up in 8. The race was red flagged (great call by the corner staff there as it was the RIGHT call for the scenario). The big excitement came at the end of the day when during the Pace Lap one of the cars was dumping oil as he left pit lane. Mike at 1 called it in to stop the lap, but because of the need to work thru a race steward and the speed of the pace lap the car ended up oiling the entire track. The cleanup took 25 minutes before we got things started again for the Sprint race. After the race started we ended up with a car off drivers left at 4 in a bad spot so Rescue One was dispatched in race traffic to go fetch and remove. That finished out the day with the added note that race Control got hammered with radio traffic during the last few laps after the car had been cleared. Chris, with the help of Bruce, did a great job under VERY difficult conditions Saturday afternoon.

Sunday (actually Friday and Saturday too) provided a number of cleanups for gravel and a couple of tows, but the brief rain shower mid endurance race provided the inevitable crash on the front straight. After a delay for debris clean-up the restart provided some entertainment, as the still wet front straight was run (by choice) in single file for about 4 laps. It's pretty entertaining to watch a gaggle of cars come out of ten and see then all get single file to traverse the dragstrip for multiple laps. It went far better than most road construction single lane stuff and was really fun to watch. We finished sunday with the fiberglass door from a car actually coming apart and coming off the car on the front straight during the last DE session.

A welcome to Nolan a new rescue person that assisted us this weekend. About the only thing we didn't get to do was an extrication, but I think myself, the team and the race group are ok with that detail.

Next event on the calendar is Ojibwe. otherwise I'll see some of you at PCA in September...Stay safe.
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Headwaters on the horizon. June updates

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Current NewsHeadwaters is less than 2 weeks out as of this writing. Still can use some help for this one day event. The last few months have gone by fast. The track events for RLR have been for the most part quiet, with nothing more than flat tows. I have heard of response vehicles getting hit by race cars, and some major issues at other events, so thankfully we have not had to work that hard. Those working for us ARE the best in the business and the safety record for our events shows and has been complemented by members of the groups we serve. Thank you to ALL our staff.

June brings in a couple of more events as well as July, Pleas put Ojibwe on the calendar for August and stay safe....
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Feburary Update

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Current NewsJust a quick update as we come to the end of the month.

There are 2 events coming up in a month or so on the calendar. First is Porsche at the end of April and the BMW/Quattro event in May. I will be looking for staff for those events in about a month.

Rally types: Headwaters is returning this year please watch the websites for this June 1 day event.

Stay safe and do your best to enjoy the weather.....
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December Updates

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Current NewsMerry Christmas to all! (no, I'm not going to be politically correct.)

I and my family hope that all of you have a happy holiday season in you celebrations and family visits.

The annual social is scheduled for 1/18/14. As in the past it will be here in Hopkins and accommodations for overnights can be provided with sufficient notice of plans. I will take names and counts for planning for food and beverage. I am also taking suggestions for food and beverages. Just remember the if you suggest I will expect you to show to help consume your request. If you need details or directions let me know and I will get them to you.

for now BIR has the calendar up but a number of the race groups don't have the dates up yet, so I am guessing the the BIR calendar will get tweaked as the groups confirm dates. I'll post in the calendar what I know as I get confirmations of dates...

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!
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