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Red Light Rescue
Red Light Rescue
Providing Motorsports Rapid Response Teams and Event Operations Staff

Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
 Welcome to Red Light Rescue
 Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 10:43 PM EDT

Ojib Update

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Current NewsHello All,

Qjibwe is now the getting to be about 2 months out so it's time to start asking for time off if you're going to the event.

Dates: 8/26-27

Devon and I have our usual rooms at the Americinn. I have space for 1-2 folks in mine.

Currently looking for 4.5 medical teams and 3.5 sweep teams. I am also in search of a Safety Sweep team.

R1 - Ahles-r, Ahles, (Ahles?)
R2 - S Hartman-r, M Hartman
R3 - West-r, Co-pilot. (not confirmed yet but pretty sure.)

Adam Burling is also signed on for medical but not assigned to a vehicle yet

SS - Open ( could also be Sweep Lead)
S1 - Dick Klute, open

James and his Fiat has Green Light in the bag so that spot is currently filled.

As for the event:
I am a firm believer in cross training and having more than one person trained for any given role. As such I am also looking for a Sweep Leader for this event. I'd prefer that they be in the Safety Sweep vehicle but that is not a requirement. This is NOT a reflection on past leaders, just a way to get folks trained to do more than one thing at an event. That flexibility allows for on the fly changes if needed and the person stepping into the role to know what is expected for the event. By that same standard if someone has an interest in the Chief ES role, I am willing to train and show them the ropes. I have been heard to say that I have the best and worst jobs in the event. I get to drive the roads, Banner, De-banner, go to most all incidents, talk to a LOT of local authorities, and have to be out from before the FCO to the last car is loaded onto a trailer from the woods.
Enough for now. Next update in a week or so. Stay Safe.
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WRL Update 5/14 - BMW

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Current NewsBMW first
Current Staff - Mike, Bob, John, Andrew, Tim. still have two corner spots open for this three day event. I'm not at home so I going from memory.


Worker List:
Mike N (Lead Corner), Bob, John, Dennis, Jim G, Mike B, Andrew, Tim. Floaters Sat - Clark, Sunday David and Vicki.

Rescue Jim, Brandon, Nolan and Paul

I could use an additional rescue person and truck on Saturday as of right now.

Some details for those planning on working the event:

Please advise Corners they will need to meet with Joey Todd at 9:15 am on Saturday and 7:45 am on Sunday. The event will be 8 hours on Sat and 8 hours on Sunday. Normally we try to do a 10 hr event on Saturday and a 6 hr event on Sunday, but we were not able to contract with BIR for those hours.

Our schedule and supplemental information packet is attached for your reference. And can be found on our website at: BIR Race Info
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WRL Update 5/11 - BMW

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Current NewsFirst the short one

BMW is 6/3-5 Looking for 7 corner staff. Have: Bob, Mike, Andrew and Tim at this time. Looking for 3 more

Ok, After much, too much, politics here is the latest

Corner List:
Bob, Mike, John, Dennis, Jim G, Mike B, Andrew, Tim
Saturday Floater - Clark, Could use one more
Sunday Floaters - David, Vicki

Jim A, Brandon, Nolan I'll be back on Sunday.

Operational Notes:
Mike and I have traded about a dozen e-mails and as of this writing 3 phone calls about the event. I anticipate a couple of more as there are a couple of loose ends to deal with yet.

A copy of the WRL Rules are attached. Please review them.

For those at the event:
Mike and Bob will be providing me, before the event, with a list of corners that will be staffed and who they would like to see there. I will have reviewed this prior to the Saturday morning meeting and will know where folks are supposed to be positioned.

Mike is Lead Corner worker for this event. He has worked this event for the last two years with RI and both knows WRL and a most all of the staff working this event. I feel confident in his skill set and we have discussed a number of items with regard as to how to best deal with this event.

Jim A will be Lead Rescue for the event and after getting dispatched will function as we do currently at any incident. Between Jim, Brandon and Nolan they will decide on placement after consulting with Mike and myself prior to the event on Saturday.

For RLR this is a first time event so I am on a learning curve here and plan on going around on Sunday to get input on what you saw and did Saturday so as to best informed for future WRL events and enduros.

Food will be delivered to the station between the floating staff and available rescues. in the morning meeting please keep in mind that the temperature of the food may not be optimal by the time you get it. Floating staff (and available rescue) will be available all day to provide relief as needed. All that should be needed is for you to request them. I'd prefer if you get a rescue that you do not go far from the station if they get dispatched to an incident. They can return after cleared, but we will need you to jump back in as soon as possible for flag coverage if they head off track side.

Feel free to e-mail or call if you have comments or concerns with this event as I will gladly accept input and suggestions. I will have to balance these against what has already been decided, buty I will listen and do my best to accommodate any requests.

I will post the meeting times up when I know them. I will also ask that when addressing the net that this be a very formal net operation with all calls being "control, control, Station #, flag condition".

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New Event!

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Current NewsI am pleased to announce that the World Racing League has contracted with Red Light Rescue for their first BIR event this year. Dates are May 21-22. Current plan includes 2-7 hour enduros (one per day). I am staffing 8 corner positions for this event on the short course. Lunch is provided and will be delivered to your station via rescue or other staff. Pay has increased at this event by $5.00/day. I have been flexible with other clubs but continue to push that change for themother clubs as well.

For those of you paying attention that is also Headwaters weekend so I'll have Mr. Anderson as primary on Saturday at BIR and I'll be at the Rally. I plan on being back to BIR by green flag on Sunday.

Please let me know If you wish to work this event.
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Headwaters update 4/14

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Current NewsHeadwaters is now about 5 weeks out please register with the Rallymaster software if you plan on attending.

As of today I have myself, Paul R, James L, and a sweep leader. (Not at home and don't have the names memorized yet, my apologies as I can picture the face...)

Still in need of at least one medical and 3 sweep teams and a safety sweep

Reminder of the details as I know them.

Headquarters is at the Northern Lights Casino in Walker. There is a block of rooms reserved for the event. it is supposed to be under 'Headwaters' but when I called to reserve, the desk attendant identified the block as for the "Car Show and Club Meeting" so if when you call they don't know what Headwaters is go for the show. There is a discounted rate for the event so please ask for that. There will be food served after the event.

The event is in the Paul Bunyan and will consist of 8 stages. FCO is 14:00 and anticipated MPL for the last car on the stage is 21:08. There is a whopping 12 to 15 mile transit (Thank you Mark and Greg!) to and from the stages. 75 stage miles and 80 transit if you follow the entire rally route. We are running four stages returning for service (30 minutes) and doing the four stages again in reverse.

For those interested in Travel plans:

I have a double room booked starting Friday night thru Saturday night. I am heading to BIR for Slowpokes on Friday AM. After the BIR event I am heading into Walker. On Sunday, I may have to head back to BIR for an event there. I anticipate 1 additional person with me and an willing to share space if addition folks want to share the room. Please let me know if you wish to use the room as well.

Thank you all See you at the races....
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April lists as of today....

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Current NewsAs of toady I have the following names for Audi
Paul, Jim, Bob, Mike, Bruce, Chris, John, Robbie, Andrew, Don. Andrew is planning on bringing his dad to work with. Dad is a Lunch only and does not effect pay. Don has a new job and is considered a "maybe" for both days.

Rally stuff: Still looking for medical and sweep teams for this event. Please let me know if you plan to attend. As of today there is Rescue One and Green Light covered.
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Opening Lists For BIR and Rally

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Current NewsHello All

This is a mass mail to not only the rally folks, but also to the BIR folks. it is also posted to and to the Red Light group on Facebook.

I hope this finds you well and looking forward to the racing season. I have a number of events for you to review and decide if you wish to be a part of. I know some of you are 'chomping at the bit' for this so the following events are open for participation.

I'll start with the BIR stuff as it's short and those that take these opportunities know the drill. Then on to Rally stuff.

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Rally Upates

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Current NewsHello all,

A couple of updates for the folks in Red Light Rescue and the Rally Medical world. (you sweep folks know this already)

Dennis (Chief of Sweep) has chosen to step down from that role this year. I have for many years advocated that Sweep and Medical should be one cohesive team and not be separate functions. We are all part of the course closing operation whether it be from a bad crash that stops a stage, or the usual pull outs at the end of a completed stage.

Dennis and I have worked hard to make that happen and I owe Denny and the rest of the Sweep staff a great deal of thanks for helping to make this possible. The medical staff has also made a large effort to make this happen as well so a thank you is also deserved there.

As a result of this, Denny has asked that I take on the Chief Sweep role in addition to the Chief Medical function and plan on calling the new role Chief of Emergency Services. Granted some of the course closing operations are not "true" emergencies, but as on the street, the fire department is there until the wreck is cleaned up.

OK so what does this mean for the rally? and the sweep teams?

For starters, not much is going to change. Dennis has build a well oiled machine with a number of very skilled staff that know their roles well. I have long been of the opinion that if it's not broke, there is no need to fix it. BUT I now have two responsibilities that will shift from Denny to myself prior to, and during, the event. I now have to solicit for teams for the event, and I get to answer for what you do, at, or prior to, the event with the cars. Those two things don't add much to what I already do so that is no "biggie".

Dennis and I had discussed that at the event, in precisely this scenario, how I could do what I do and operate a sweep operation. Dennis has set up team leaders for Sweep A and Sweep B. I think there is also an overall leader for both operations at the event (for when Dennis was tied up with Safety Sweep operations). I'd like to continue that at future events and additionally impart some decision making authority on these leaders about if we leave a car or extricate it. I think (correct me if my perception is off) that Denny usually made that call when Safety Sweep arrived.

So that also opens up the role of Safety Sweep for events. The largest requirements are that the vehicle can handle stage roads and there is a medical person in the vehicle that is very comfortable with patient trauma assessment. I cannot fill that Safety Sweep role as the rescue equipment cannot be trapped at the end of the rally if it's needed for something closer to the front of the rally.

Two last thoughts:
First I look forward to working with the sweep teams, and I will be open to any guidance and suggestions you make as I am sure that there are those 'nuances' that I am not aware of today that I'll get educated on at, or hopefully prior to, the event.

Second: I post information in three ways, You will start seeing e-mail solicitations for staffing about 8 weeks out, 6 weeks out, and weekly at 4 weeks out. As the events get closer depending on commitments made and changes that crop up, you may see emails even more often. The second way is thru the facebook group "Red Light Rescue" that is a public group with approved members only so please take care in what you post there. Posting requires approval, so ask me to approve you so you can post there. There is also a private group for Red Light that requires you "friend" me to get added. You are free to post away there, but keep in mind it is still semi public in that anyone that can read there, can copy and paste from there. Lastly there is a website that gets periodic updates to the news feed about events.

Both the Red light FB page and websites have calendars that are updated for the entire season thru LSPR.

I hope to hear from all of you soon as Headwaters is now about 100 days out. If you have any concerns feel free to e-mail, call 612.590.8554 or dm Paul Ahles on facebook.

Stay safe.

Paul Ahles
Chief Red Light Rescue,
Chief ES, Ojibwe/Headwaters rallies.
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Late Winter update

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Current NewsAs we get closer to the end of February, Couple if items of note:

First the Annual social/shareholder meeting was a large success with guests from up north making the trip to enjoy the festivities. A thank you to Devon and company for bringing taco fixens and additional beverages. (Hope to see you folks again next year) And a thanks to the corner staff Chris, Bruce and Robbie for making the trip as well.

Second: All events that I am aware that we have been requested for are posted to the Web site and facebook.

Third: I'll post for the April event on a few weeks (wow that is soon....)

Enjoy the rest of winter and hopefully we get an early spring.....
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Annual Social

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Current NewsReminder that the Annual Red Light Social is scheduled for Saturday January 16th.

Same drill as in prior years:

Start time is anytime after 16:00
Location is the Red Light Headquarters in Hopkins. Email for directions.
We'll be serving Build your own Tacos, and a mild chilli, chips and other snacks. Adult beverages will be provided.
Planning on a few variety packs from different brewers and desert.

if you plan to stay the night we need to know in advance as there are a limited number of spaces. We will provide brunch on Sunday if you want to return for that. We do have a Sunday afternoon activity so we'll be bailing early afternoon Sunday.

For planning it would be nice to get some kind of a head count so rsvp if you are planning on attending. NO biggie if plans change. Party is open to anyone that knows of Red Light, works at any of our events or knows someone that is associated with us. If you can make it at the last minute and didn't RSVP, NO PROBLEM, Come on over.
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