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Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
 Welcome to Red Light Rescue
 Wednesday, March 03 2021 @ 12:11 AM EST

March Updates (Round 2.1)

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Current NewsUpdates since last posted: (2.1)
Just got the Calendar form BIR for the season. Here are the dates I am adding,
4/30-Track Addix, 5/8 & 7/2-Slowpokes, August 7-9-SCCA-LOL. The April 30 Track addix is still not confirmed from the Track Addix side but the date is set aside by BIR.

Couple of new things this week: (2.0)

First again a reminder of the date change for the pre-season event to 4/4 This is a week earlier than originally posted as the 4/11 date is Easter weekend.

Second there is another group that has rented the track and asked for Red Light Help with the event. This s the Mini Cooper group and they are planning their 50th anniversary event at BIR, June 26-28. I'll be adding this to the calender.

Lastly there is some word that the Nemadji Trails folks are planning a 3 day-4 event season on 5/9, 6/13 and 7/25. These dates are also posted to the calendar.

That is all for now. Start watching your e-mail as the season starts rampimg up I'll be back at e-mailing all of you for activities.
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Current NewsNOTICE: DATE CHANGE for the annual pre-season event. It would help when deciding on dates if the software you use to look at a calendar would show the HOLIDAYS for the current year. April 12 is Easter Sunday SO the preseason event is being shifted BACK a week to April 4. I'll compete with a lot of different things, but a higher power I shall not.

SO Pre Season Event is April 4. NOT April 11.

See you there.

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March Updates

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Current NewsHello All. Some updates for March: First there is a new group at BIR this year. NARRA. North American Road Racing Association. Red Light has tentatively been asked to work their events with corner and rescue staff. This group bought out the Viper days folks and the Corvette days folks and is doing BOTH at their first event. RLR is working to be sure that this event is consistent with our other events.

Second: the annual pre-season event is scheduled for 4/11 at RLR HQ. Format is the same as in the past. More on that in the next few weeks via e-mail.

Look for your first e-mail. I am sending this out via e-mail so if you didn'tget this via e-mail I don't have your current/correct e-mail on my system. Please let me know that.

Lastly - I have the April/May events up on the white board and I am taking names. Check the calendar and reply to the e-mail to add your name to the list.

That is all for now, enjoy your spring weather and remember, racing is only about 6 weeks away.

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Schedule Updates

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Current NewsToday I have a couple of updates for you.

I got a call from Dean with Track Addix today. Track Addix again this year is requesting our services for their events. I have added the dates to the RLR calendar. Couple of things of note, First the 4/30 date is tentative at this time. As the date gets closer I'll advise. Second, there are two events (July and September) that have been changed to being two day events. Please make a note of that as you plan your schedule. Both of these 2 day events are on weekends so that might make staffing a little easier.

Second, I have gone to the CRA site and see that they have also posted their 2009 schedule for BIR. This schedule has also been added to the RLR Calendar. RLR does NOT staff these CRA events as a company, but for planning I feel that there are inquiring minds will want to know that info as they might want to work those CRA events..

As I get additional schedule updates I will post them. As the season starts to draw near start watching the site for updates. During the next 8 weeks things will start popping and you should start looking for e-mail updates in about 2 weeks.
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February News Items

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Current NewsHello All. I hope that you are keeping warm so far this winter. There are a couple of "news" updates and dates that have been added to the Events calendar that are worthy of note.

First is that the date of the RLR Pre-season Social is planned for 4/11 Same drill as in past years. More details by E-mail in March. If you don't see an e-mail I don't have you on the Red Light E-mail list and I need that so I can fix that.

Training options have also been added. For those with EMT training North Memorial has the "Long Hot Summer" training scheduled for March 6-7 this year.

Skywarn has also posted their training schedule. With due thanks to Lisa Vandermark for reminding me, the website for their schedule is:

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New Year Updates

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Current NewsWell I'll start this on a positive note and say Happy New Year to you and yours! I was working so my new year night was in the sleeper of a truck in St. Louis, MO. This message is coming to you from Denver, CO and I'm heading to Butte, MO and then Joliette, IL before I head for the house. So I have a fun week ahead of me. From a humor standpoint the drive over here was interesting as a number of folks decided to start the new year by "racing into" it. I saw a number of cars receiving their "certificates of high speed merit" on both the first and today the second of January. Nothing like that first ticket to start the new year, eh? (not for me)

This morning I got a call from Laurie Eckman. I'll elaborate on that in a second. I just got off the phone with her again a short while ago. This is was not good news...
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Holiday Wishes

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Current NewsAs of this writing Christmas is just a day or two away. For those of you surfing thru and those that have worked with us in the past year I'd like to take the time to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Again this year we will NOT have the new year bash but will combine that with the pre-season event in late March/Early April. (still looking for a date suggestion)

Look for an e-mail near the first part of Jan with any 1099 data that will be submitted, and then look for the form nearer to the end of Jan. If you don't see an e-mail you won't see a 1099.

Stay safe out there and stay warm.....
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End of Season Notes and News

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Current NewsAs of this writing The 2008 Season for Red Light has officially come to a close. Since the last article there were a number of things worthy of note. First the Chili-cookoff is November 8 in Eden Prairie. Details were sent out by e-mail so you should have them already. IF NOT, call me so I can update your e-mail address.

Second The annual RLR pre-season event is going to be in late March/Early April and any calendar updates when know should be forwarded to me so I can update the season calendar for 2009. I have the dates for Ojib, LSPR and the BIR-PDS posted as of this writing for 2009. I'll add what I can find as soon as I can. Check back for details periodically.

As for event details.....
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A LONG week at BIR

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Current NewsWet was the catch phrase for the weekend. Friday started the 40th anniversary weekend with a 2 hour delay for fog. Something about running a new track sight unseen at 100 mph and dense fog just did not add up. Then after things got started there were numerous flat tows off of the new track. Between Rescue 1, Rescues 5 and 20 we were kept busy all day. Saturday and Sunday both started the day with rain. This didn’t let up until late in the day so by the time things were winding down the infield looked more like a mud pit than a paddock. The celebrations both nights more than made up for the rain….
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BIR Opens the New "Competition Course"

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Current NewsLabor Day weekend was the weekend to be part of the Professional Drivers School. BIR opened the new shorter course for the first time to Cars for lapping. Running at the same time as the Drag strip, This new course presented some minor challenges, but the word from the drivers and the instructors is that this is a really fun course to drive. Judging from the "corded" left front tires, the carousel that is now 8 is going to add to the cost of running on the track, but the comment "it was worth it" from the drivers about sums it up.

For reference the new 8 has been dubbed the Carousel, 9 is the Kink. It's the minor left that sets you up to get back to the "narrows" between 9 and 10. 10 is the 45 left by the pit entrance and 11 is the 45 right onto the main straight. 12 is the 90 left at the end of the main straight and 13 is the 90 right past the bridge.

What a fun weekend to be the first Rescue/Corner staff to work the new road course. Plan on attending the 40th anneversary event in a few weeks. You wil not regret it.
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