PCA Cup Race

Monday, July 28 2014 @ 11:03 AM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

What a weekend! WOW is about the best word... followed closely by whew [forhead wipe].

Friday started with a number of flat tows and then a Mayday into the wall at Johnson Road. Driver was fine but the car needed to be tilted off. Later Friday we get a call for a car fire at 4. The "CarBQ" there caused a red flag and took Brandon, myself and Jim to get out. There were a couple of times that both Brandon and I thought the BIR truck would have to deal with it, but our teams perseverance prevailed and it was out before the BIR truck got to the incident. We still used the rig for overhaul before tilting that car off. Many thanks to Dan at BIR for his help.

Saturday didn't really lighten up at all. we had numerous flat tows over the course of the day. About mid afternoon during the 10 lap sprint race we had two cars get together at 7 and end up in 8. The race was red flagged (great call by the corner staff there as it was the RIGHT call for the scenario). The big excitement came at the end of the day when during the Pace Lap one of the cars was dumping oil as he left pit lane. Mike at 1 called it in to stop the lap, but because of the need to work thru a race steward and the speed of the pace lap the car ended up oiling the entire track. The cleanup took 25 minutes before we got things started again for the Sprint race. After the race started we ended up with a car off drivers left at 4 in a bad spot so Rescue One was dispatched in race traffic to go fetch and remove. That finished out the day with the added note that race Control got hammered with radio traffic during the last few laps after the car had been cleared. Chris, with the help of Bruce, did a great job under VERY difficult conditions Saturday afternoon.

Sunday (actually Friday and Saturday too) provided a number of cleanups for gravel and a couple of tows, but the brief rain shower mid endurance race provided the inevitable crash on the front straight. After a delay for debris clean-up the restart provided some entertainment, as the still wet front straight was run (by choice) in single file for about 4 laps. It's pretty entertaining to watch a gaggle of cars come out of ten and see then all get single file to traverse the dragstrip for multiple laps. It went far better than most road construction single lane stuff and was really fun to watch. We finished sunday with the fiberglass door from a car actually coming apart and coming off the car on the front straight during the last DE session.

A welcome to Nolan a new rescue person that assisted us this weekend. About the only thing we didn't get to do was an extrication, but I think myself, the team and the race group are ok with that detail.

Next event on the calendar is Ojibwe. otherwise I'll see some of you at PCA in September...Stay safe.