Headwaters on the horizon. June updates

Monday, June 02 2014 @ 01:24 PM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

Headwaters is less than 2 weeks out as of this writing. Still can use some help for this one day event. The last few months have gone by fast. The track events for RLR have been for the most part quiet, with nothing more than flat tows. I have heard of response vehicles getting hit by race cars, and some major issues at other events, so thankfully we have not had to work that hard. Those working for us ARE the best in the business and the safety record for our events shows and has been complemented by members of the groups we serve. Thank you to ALL our staff.

June brings in a couple of more events as well as July, Pleas put Ojibwe on the calendar for August and stay safe....