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Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
 Welcome to Red Light Rescue
 Friday, February 26 2021 @ 07:51 AM EST

Ojibwe Provides a Great deal of activity for crews

Current NewsThe 2013 Ojibwe provided way more fun than past events. With the return of the National Series Ojib again got the "big boys" back for this running.

The fun actually started on Tuesday with an all day test session from 10am to 5 pm, Attendance was a little light, and 95+ degrees with no wind and no AC in the truck made for a tough day.

Wednesday provided more of the same with Ken Block having exclusive use of the stage for 3 hours and then the masses for the last three. The masses did not disappoint, as they managed to roll a car in the stage. That rollover was pulled to the end of the stage and the stage then resumed without further incident. (footnote: the rolled car was back for the start of the rally on Friday.)

Thursday provided Recce fun and entertainment as the rather large pickup truck for crew 48 managed to get off the road at about a 40 degree angle and high center the truck. With Devons help, he and I extricated the vehicle to the disbelief of a couple of on-lookers.

Friday provided the largest part of the entertainment value of the weekend (sans the 8am knock on my room door on Sunday). Whilst sitting at the intersection of Steamboat and Spur 2, I had a rally car stop and inquire if I had a radio as there was a rally car on fire on the stage. I did, it got reported and when it was safe I was sent to the car to assist the Start Medical (Devon) with putting it out. After exhausting most of our resources we decided that "defensive" was best and that keeping it out of the trees was the best plan. The Facebook Photo was taken shortly after the gas tank breached and although impressive we were VERY thankful that the heat was short lived and the tree went out. Devon and I got to rescue Akeley fire as well as after the fire was out they managed to drop a full sized pumper tire off the road going past other vehicles on the road, so Devon and I went into action and pulled them out too.

Sunday was interesting as after the party some of the party goers of the group ended up on a boat after bar time and one awoke on the beach having "time traveled" from the boat to the beach (dry) in an apparent instant. The 8am knock was to allow for the use of the rest room and then to find the way back home. Debannering went as expected with the rather LARGE severe storm rolling in just after we got out of the woods.

Next up two BIR trips and then LSPR.... Stay safe!

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