PCA doesn't disapoint, Ojib next up

Monday, August 05 2013 @ 09:42 AM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

The new track at BIR provided for some fun race watching during the PCA National event. When was the last time you watched a three wide pack enter 4? Now that will get your heart pumping. From a rescue standpoint between Jim and I, we were kept busy all weekend. Numerous flat tows over the three days and 5 cars that didn't go home like they arrived. The carnage included: Blown engine in 1 a nose to tail at about 4 (the nose lost, but both drove in), a driver that felt he could beat mother nature and lined up on the left drag line with a wet front straight (all four corners and about 6 spins) and lastly during the race, a racing porsche lost it at 10 came to a stop in front of victory circle sideways in the line and got t-boned by a second race porsche. Spendy crash...Watching that was a (in my best Scooby voice) Roouuut Roooowwwww.

Next up is Ojibwe. We are still looking for teams to staff that so if you are not getting those e-mails and want them let me know, but more inportant is that if you are planning on being there let me know. I am currently 2 teams short for this event.

Red Light has two remaining race events. PCA 9/20-22 and Quattro 10/5 Watch for e-mails on those and be safe out there.