First Event is in the books

Monday, May 06 2013 @ 12:12 PM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

Well as I sit here writing in my WARM home, I can say that it is was an interesting weekend at the "revised" BIR track. Between the cold on Friday, the rain and cold on Saturday, Sunday was actually pretty tolerable with sunshine and warmer temps.

Between Friday and Saturday Rescue was kept busy with 4 cars into the walls, We had one DR just past Johnson Road, One DR between 5 and 6, One DR just past 13, and one DL brushing Victory Circle and stopping just before impact with the pit lane wall in front of Comm Tech.

Observation is that the new configuration is far faster with the PCA Race cars turning 1:53 laps on the big course. By comparison John Schaller was turning 1:38 laps in a Formula Atlantic on the long course. I am told that Gary Curtiss was saying on a Brainerd station this winter that Jed and Kristi wanted to have the fastest road course in North America and that they do. I am not going to argue that point.

Our next event is Quattro I'll see some of you there. All of you play safe and I'll talk at you soon.