News from NS and RA

Monday, May 02 2011 @ 12:02 PM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

Well it's almost spring, but from the temps over the weekend you wouldn't have guessed that. From the Nord Stern event, the weekend consisted of a number of flat tows and REALLY wet weather to go with the cold. Friday was mostly cold only, but by the end of the night the rain had moved in so Saturday started on the short track in the rain. The rain held on for most of the morning with the afternoon clearing up from the rain but not the clouds. Thus with no real sun to speak of, it stayed pretty cold and damp. Overnight the temps REALLY dropped and there was snow on the ground in the grass and on the cars at the start of the day. Another day on the short track and an early finish still made the day enjoyable for all. From a humor standpoint, Rescue One even had to pull out the shrink wrap to help 4. The west wind was coming right at him in the station so we wrapped the west wall of the station to provide a wind break for the worker (Mike B) It cut down on the wind about 80% so Mike was grateful. But still was a drive by shrink wrapping.

On to other news....

RLR was also contacted and contracted for the October Quattro event. So I have added that to the calendar. It is the Second weekend in October and the evening activities Saturday sound like fun. The Club is thinking a BBQ at the track for all participants. It's a little change of pace from the dinners at the resorts and from the description it sounds like a good time.

On to the larger story for the weekend:
Rally America Suffered it's first fatality accident over the weekend. Excerpt from the story:
On Saturday, April 30th, tragedy struck the close knit rally racing community during the Olympus Rally based in Ocean Shores, WA.

31-year-old driver Matthew Marker of Elk Rapids, MI did not survive injuries sustained in a racing accident. Marker was in his fifth year of participating in the Rally America National Championship and was a popular driver among his peers. Marker was known to have ambitions of improving his Championship standings and taking part in building the sportís popularity.

Matthew Markerís co-driver (the driverís navigator), Christopher Gordon of Brooklyn Park, MN, was not seriously injured in the accident.

The crash occurred when Markerís car went off the road on a right turn during the 6th competitive stage of the event and impacted a tree on the driverís side. Medical personnel responded to the scene quickly, but could not resuscitate Marker. The sport of rally in North America has not had a competitor-related fatality since 2003.

RLR and it's staff wish our best to the family and I'd ask that you include them in your prayers.

That is all I have for today. See some of you in may and ALL of you Play safe in the meantime.