March News

Friday, March 18 2011 @ 08:02 AM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

A good day to you all. March has arrived and with it the start of the racing season is less than 2 months away. As of this writing it looks like the season for Red Light will look a lot like last season. All of our anticipated dates are posted.

There are a couple of changes this season, the first being the loss of Bill Johnson at the track as track staff. He'll still be around as the parting was on good terms so look for him at events as a worker. The second change is in the corner staff director for Nord Stern. I am told that they are going to try something different at the first event and see how it goes. Although RLR was not part of the choice to make the change (that is a Nord Stern decision and we do NOT interfere with that part of their business) I have been in contact with the new person and we are working well together. I hope that the first event goes well for him.

That about covers the news I have for this month, look for the first round of e-mails for help in about 2 weeks. Enjoy your Spring and let's start looking for something other than white ground (like GREEN grass)