July News and update

Thursday, July 15 2010 @ 11:55 PM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

Well this month started out with a new situation that I have not had to deal with in the 14 years prior to starting this operation. Fortunately for Red Light the issue was not with a member of our staff at the event. Unfortunately it was with a person that has worked with us in the past and that has led to the rumor mill kicking into high gear.

The long and short of the scenario is this: ANY PERSON showing up at the track that is suspected of being impaired/compromised and is going to be working track side of the fence will be reported to track staff for assessment and remediation regardless of who has hired them for the day.

The training session that was done later in the month went very well. The class had about 15 students and between the honda and the mini van they were well impressed with the lessons learned that day. I look forward to doing this again for this class as the instructor really liked the assistance and the hands-on time with extrication equipment.

As of today we are still on for PCA and I have the needed minimum staffing for the event. Feel free to let me know if you wish to play at the event.

ALSO keep in mind that I am still looking for Ojibwe staff for 8/20-21. I have 1crew signed up at this time and am in need of 2-3 more.