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 Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 10:52 PM EDT

BMW Gets a wet weekend

Current NewsThe BMW event this last weekend was pretty much eclipsed by the News from the Scholes family. But for the record...

The event was complete with rain for the first day and a half. with rain dissipating (but still overcast at noon Saturday R1 decided for a change of venue with R5. This would later prove to be a point of glee for R5 as a late afternoon a brief heavy downburst provided the needed wetness for a sufficent lack of traction in a porcshe. Three walls later (R-L-R) the car came to rest against the right wall and R5 was first on scene from the base of the tower. R1 provided backup and track clean-up operations from the point of first impact.

Sunday provided the best day of the three with the presence of a huge glowing orb being seen about noonish and remaining for the rest of the day. This provided the club with a great day for racing and netted one of the few days where the last session of the last day ended at 6pm with more than a couple of cars on track. Unlike most events a good number of participants still remained at 6pm.

Our next event is the Quattro event in June. See you at the races....

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BMW Gets a wet weekend
Authored by: JimA on Tuesday, May 23 2006 @ 07:04 AM EDT
Minor change - it was a BMW, not a Porsche that spun on the front straight.
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