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Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
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 Wednesday, April 14 2021 @ 10:02 PM EDT

LSPR brings the 2005 season to a close

Current NewsThe 2005 LSPR trip was one to remember. Between the honeymoon trip by Laurie and Larry, The legendary trips to the Uphill and some really great racing, this was a weekend that will long be talked about in the rally medical circles.

But, first things first: The "Most Mud on a Rescue Truck" title passes to Jason for this event. Because of the intense competition here, a number of things had to be taken into consideration. First, Rocinante couldn't hold a candle to the good "ole boys" at this event. R2 (Gene) made a solid attempt but the issue here is that you can still see what color the truck is in the picture. John placed a close third, but when you compare the Rescue 3 magnet with the ones on Jerry and Jason's trucks John still has some work to do. The real deciding factor comes down to the amount of mud on the hood of the vehicles. Jerry has done a fine job of covering the sides of his truck, but when you examine the pictures closer you can still see the trees reflecting off the shiny clean hood on his truck. Jason has a similar amount of mud on the sides BUT has also managed to get it on the hood, obscuring the reflection.

That leaves the pictures of Jeremiah's truck. Clearly he has acquired the most mud on the front of the truck. It was looking like he was going to take the title. Unfortunately for him, a protest was filled in a timely fashion and the Court of Appeals listened to the objections of the other drivers. After careful consideration the Court of Appeals feels that having another rig spray your truck with mud in an attempt to get better coverage is about the same as stopping and throwing it on a truck yourself. This is not in keeping with the spirit of the contest as originally conceived.

The concept being that from the drivers seat, the rig itself, and by itself was able to cover itself in mud. Your efforts as a driver, coupled with the set-up of the truck thru the target mud hole should be creating the "chunks on the roof", not another rig. The Court of Appeals thinks that the appeal is well founded and as a result will add the following stipulation to future "most mud" competitions:

All mud to be counted, must have been thrown or generated thru the direct activities of the vehicle the mud lands on to count as valid mud. Mud placed by other means will not factor into the competition.

That being said, Congratulations to all and see you at the next event. Play safe out there!

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LSPR bings the 2005 season to a close
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, October 28 2005 @ 06:20 AM EDT
Nice typo in the heasdline ..
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