Nord Stern Provides an entertaining weekend

Monday, October 03 2005 @ 12:14 PM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

What was scheduled initially as a two and a half day weekend ended up being a three day weekend. With an early start on Friday the Rescue staff didn’t turn any wheels for any on track incidents on Friday. This was not to be the case on Saturday. (more on that later.) Sunday brought an overcast day with what looked on a number of occasions to be a wet day as well, but the rain held off for the day with the predicted clearing taking place just as we were packing to leave.

Saturday’s incidents were pretty much centered at turn 3 and in the afternoon at turn 6. Leading to the conclusion that Rescue One was responsible. There was some discussion that the Laura/Norma combination had something to do with that as Laura had most all the “offs” on Friday at her station at 6. With the sprinkling of Root Beer at the corner station 3 we managed to get a spin into the berm drivers right shortly there after. The car drove away with minor sheet metal damage. This was followed next session with Paul opening a root beer (station 3) and then watching the same spin with far different results.

"Sitting there in the truck I watched the spin and the resulting dust cloud. As the dust cleared I noticed that the car was not nearly as “shiny” as I expected. As more of the cloud cleared tires were clearly visible." The resulting call for a “Mayday” yielded a “Black All” and a driver “Condition 0”. That about summed up the excitement for the day. With Jim and Paul working Friday and the addition of Jerry and Teresa (I think I have that right) on Saturday and late in the day the addition of Chris to the mix, we had a good crew for the remainder of the event.

Our next event is a single day event on the 9th and the last event of the season is BMW on the 14-15. Play safe and have fun...See you at the next one.