Storm causes early end to OFR/Headwaters meeting

Thursday, September 22 2005 @ 10:40 AM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

Last evening (Wed. 10/20) the line of storms that passed thru the northern suburbs caused an early termination to the rally committee meeting. Just as the meeting started the winds picked up enough that Paul mentioned to Kristy (who was sitting next to him) that he had noticed the lights flicker twice and expected the power to go out any second. Kristy responded by noting that the winds had now picked up to very strong and that the rain was now strong enough to be audible inside the building. Being the only windows in the room were the equivalent of skylights it was not possible to see out. About this time the library announced for all visitors to start the move to the sheltered area just as the power went out.

As we moved to the "shelter part" of the building in the dark, we could hear the branches from the nearby trees hitting the building. We would later find out these branches were 3-4 inch sized that had come off nearby trees. After things died down about 20 minutes later we ventured out to find that an 18-24 inch trunked tree had fallen away from the back of where Rocinante (Rescue One) had parked. Had R1 been parked on the other side of the tree, the rear end (c pillar - d pillar) would be about a foot or so high right now. The tree thankfully missed anything that could have been damaged in the direction it fell. Other than a few of the top branches resting on a nearby apartment's garage,it hit mostly grass. I also found in my later (work related) travels, that the power outage stretched from about Rogers to Shoreview along the 694 corridor. There were also a number of intersections that were under about 2 feet of water from the heavy rain. The meeting has been rescheduled for next week but this was "one for the books" as it was a night to remember.