Quattro Weekend provides valuable training experence

Monday, August 08 2005 @ 10:30 AM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

The Quattrro Weekend provided the opportunity to learn a great deal about rescue equipment. With the training on Saturday morning a number of Red Light folks got first hand experience with hydraulics.

We started the 3 day weekend Saturday morning by cutting up the stripped out Porsche shell that Red Light acquired about two years ago when "Fast Eddie" rolled it in 2A. It was brought to the track for storage and as a result of the track planning on using the storage area for parking. Removal of the carcass was needed before this week (8/7) for nationals. So we agreed to make it "bite sized" for transport. We would later find out that that was our problem and not the tracks.

With Chris, Laurie, Mike, Steve, Paul, Jim and Jon doing our level best to make the car smaller we managed fairly successfully to create a number of pieces that were single person items and about 2-3 that required two folks to handle because of size. Three tanks of gas later we finished with the tools and were off to lunch.

The Quattro event was fairly tame with a blown radiator hose at 5-6 and a flat tow by Rescue 1 off the track thru the infield. A second flat tow later in the weekend would the total of rescue activity for the event. We also asked and were granted permission to "hot track" certify a few of rescue folks on Monday. We were granted permission and took Brian, Chris and Laurie out for a couple of "rescue" hot laps with traffic. The club liked the idea of doing that and may possibly allow for that experience in the future for both the drives and the rescue staff. The experience opened a few eyes to "closing rates" as no amount of talking can really explain that. Result of that being that All 3 are now considered able to drive a "hot track" with traffic.

With fine food and company in the evening both days the event was a fine time. Many thanks to the Corner and rescue staff as Quattro was again well pleased with the event.