Track Addix does BIR

Wednesday, June 29 2005 @ 02:56 PM EDT

Contributed by: RLRescue

Track Addix had a busy Saturday and a slow Sunday. For the first trip to BIR they did the best they could to keep the riders in line.

With stern warnings during the drivers meetings, We felt that we would have a nice quiet day. These warnings were to little avail. We had to cart 5 bikes off the track by trailer and send additional 2 riders to the hospital by ambulance. It was by far the most carnage I have had to deal with in a day at the track as a rescue. It was a good thing that we had "up-staffed" the rescue end with Lisa, Laurie, Brian and Paul It can in handy. Between the "bell ringing" at 3 and the "arial acrobatics" at 2,
the riders did make the day interesting. (ask us about that) Sunday had a much smaller crowd with far more experence and it showed as the only wheels turned were for deer herding and lunch.

On an additional note, Kim from Track Addix pointed out to us that our efforts rival those of Road America. Keep in mind that that track is full time rescue staffed. To be told that we are as good or better that a team that does this full time is one HUGE complement. My thanks to ALL of the Red Light Staff that participated at the event.