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Red Light Rescue
Providing Motorsports Rapid Response Teams and Event Operations Staff

Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
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 Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 03:33 AM CDT

Ojibwe Rally

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Current NewsIt's getting to be time to start planning for this event. Here are the details...

August 24-25, 2018

The event is based in Detroit Lakes this year (Yeah!) The only thing at the casino will be the Friday service.

On Friday there will be a stage run IN the Fairgrounds before the cars head for the woods. There will be NO street Stage this year.

I am looking for 6 medical teams, 4 sweep teams, a Safety Sweep and a green light.

Even if you have told me in the past that you will be present for the event, I'd like to hear from you again as life has a way of changing plans for people.

MY schedule is to head up on Tuesday, Work a practice stage on Wednesday, help as needed on Thursday and deal with errands related to emergency services and work the event Friday, Saturday, and return home on Sunday and assist with debannering the Paul Bunyan.

I have chosen to reside at the Americinn as I have in the past, but the facility has changed owners and there is a wedding party with rooms blocked on Saturday night. It doesn't sound like any of the prior staff stayed over in the transition so I cannot guarantee the exceptional treatment we have had in the past. We may have to re-train some of the staff during this event. ;-0

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April Update (sorta)

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Current NewsThis is to report that there have been no real changes to the last report.

IF you have status changes to report please advise so I can make those changes.
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News and updates

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Current NewsCouple of things for the BIR crowd

Calendar is posted for the year. NS PCA has yet to contact us and word has it that the dates have been sent to the other group. It is fascinating to see how this is turning out after all the information I see from the many eyes and ears up there.

Second: Please put Mike Nolta in your prayers. He went in for surgery at St. Cloud as the found another tumor and were going to attempt to remove it today. Regardless of your past relations with him, this disease is not deserved by anyone. He reports he is in room N518. and has authorized me to post that. Feel free to stop in if you're inclined to do so. I do not know the release date or the results as of yet. After fighting off his throat cancer it was hoped he had beat the disease.

Please look for an update on the Headwaters Rally in the Red Light Group on Facebook.

Lastly, I just renewed my EMT. As a result of doing this there are a couple of things to report.

First: If you were a Nationally registered EMT and let it Expire, in the state of MN there is a "Mark King" initiative option THIS YEAR ONLY that allows you to get your NREMT back for only 16 hours of Continuing ed and a recert class. After that to keep the NREMT you need the recert and 16 hours of CEUs. HTC is offering a 16 hour class to cover this and it's being offered in April. there are other options for training and CEUs but that is the "neat and tidy" option for those that want it in one shot.

Second: to be considered as an ACTIVE EMT you have to be "affiliated" with a group. Red Light Rescue is now an Authorized Group for National Registry Affiliations. If you provide us with copies of your certificates for our files, we will approve your affiliations and training classes. If you have questions feel free to call or write. It was no fun and there were a number of lessons learned working thru the process between the state and NREMT folks.

Stay safe and look for our next event help request about 30 days out from the event.
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Headwaters Update

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Current NewsHeadwaters update

Currently have myself and paul Rosholt and son as medicals. Will need 3 stage medicals for this event.
I have Wade Miller as a sweep for the event and we can use at least 1 more there. Green light is apparently filled but I do not have the name for that spot yet.

The event is based in Walker out of the Northern Lights Casino. There should be a room block set up for this. in the past it's been labeled as a 'car show' so if there is anything close when you book the room go with it.

I have space in a double queen for this event at this time if you wish to share costs. Friday night and Saturday night.

Please let me know if you plan on attending as part of the Emergency Services group so I can plan accordingly. If you have associates that you might want to bring with...please do as we can use additional staff for this event and Ojibwe in August.

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Upcoming season

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Current NewsFirst For the BIR types:

No news on PCA, expecting Slowpokes, Quattro and BMW (like last year)

RALLY types
2018 Headwaters Details
Walker, MN
Northern Lights Casino

I have 1 Medical
2 Sweeps (that's from memory and I will be updating with the names later this month)

There are NO spectator locations for this event. If you want to spectate you have to work a marshal point.
Can use 3 medicals and a green light

I have a room reserved at the Casino and am willing to share space

Please advise me of your plans if you are planning on assisting

Open recce April 27
Competition April 28
ARA sanctioned
30 car limit
70 Stage miles, all daylight

Entry Fee
Early - $390 (before April 1)
Late - $490 (April 1 to April 28)
20 Cars - $50 per entry
25 Cars - $75 per entry
30 Cars $90 per entry

(Discounts paid at awards ceremony for the rally. Discounts will not be combined.)

Second: The committee is looking for a person to assist or head up the ES side of these events. As has been stated in the past year...the only way to get someone trained to replace you is to step down or be willing to play second string to a different first string. Both are true. I will continue in this role until a willing replacement steps up and expresses a desire to test these waters. There is a day coming that I will not be able to fill this role or staff these required positions. Last year we came dangerously close to not having staff to cover all required EMS spots. It was an indication that the ability to recruit staff for these functions requires someone in the fire/EMS field to attend classes and schools to recruit from. That person is no longer me, as my full time job no longer allows for this to happen. So I am looking for a number of things from the rest of you. I need help recruiting staff for these roles even if you cannot make the event. I need a replacement person as a backup/assistant or I'd like to be the backup/assistant person for a different "in charge" person (if they desire that). Please private message me if you wish to try this out. I will provide you with any needed assistance, or guidance I can both before and during the event.
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Current NewsSocial is over, it was a great deal of fun for all. My guests have departed and it's time to get back to work.

Two quick items:

first item
I have been asked to work as Chief ES again this year for both rallies.
I have accepted the role with two conditions:
I get help soliciting for workers and staff and
if someone wants to help/take the job I will be happy to move to assistant

second item
Headwaters is scheduled for 4/28 Will need sweep teams and Medical

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Annual Social Reminder

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Current NewsJust a quick note here to remind you of the annual social the coming weekend. 1/20 antime after 16:00.

Hope to see you there. Text/message or call for details.
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End of Season Update

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Current NewsHappy Holidays to all.

LSPR is in the books, The Website is back up, and the Annual Social is next on the calendar.

Not much to report here on Red Light other than the date for the social is January 20. Same drill as before. Here in Hopkins anytime after 15:00. BYOB if you don't like my tastes in ETOH. Unless we hear that someone wants to potluck something other than BBQ and Chili...that is the plan for food with the usual assortment of chips, cheese and crackers. Please let me know if you plan on attending to allow us to plan for the appropriate amount of supplies for the event.

Enjoy your holidays, Safe safe and may Santa be good to you.

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LSPR update. 10/10

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Current NewsLSPR Update 10/10

Current Teams
R1-P Ahles-r, J Ahles-r
R2-P Rosholt-r, S Rosholt
R3-D West-r, R Preble, S West
R4-A Kintigh, N Kintigh-r
R5-B Peterson-r, open
R6-J Saba, G Grueschow-r
R7-K Kintigh-r, open

My son Joseph is looking for a ride up to the event. initially he was going to ride with me on Wednesday because he had a concert Tuesday evening he needed to be at.
With the practice stage Wednesday morning I have to now leave on Tuesday and Joseph still wants to go with. He is looking for a ride either anytime Wednesday or anytime Thursday.
He might ride with me at the event so you don't need to make space for him other than to get him up there and he will ride with me home. He is a radio op and has a learners permit so he can also play chauffeur if you want and easy trip up.

Elmer also has a couple of locals that can ride or drive for this event

I am planning on leaving for MI on Tuesday AM.
Practice stage is in Wednesday at 10:30.
Press stage is at the airport on Thursday AM.

Talked to Elmer 10/9. Made updates per conversation.
Elmer reads this list and uses this for planning so if you are not listed and are planning on attending please advise us so we can plan for this.

Thank you all
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WRL update 9/21

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Current NewsUpdate 9/21

WRL is looking for one additional corner staff. So I'm still looking for three corners for this event.

Can really use the help
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